Come face to face with a giant shark, watch the dolphins play and train, and marvel at exotic animals you never even knew existed, like the Blue Poison Dart Frog. The next time you’re near Baltimore, Annapolis, Glen Burnie, or a nearby Maryland area, make sure to visit the National Aquarium.

Interactive, well-designed, and enthralling for kids and adults of all ages, the National Aquarium is a place where under-water wonders surface. You can learn all about the animals that live in our world’s oceans, lakes, and swamps from some of the most devoted and knowledgeable scientists in the country. Furthermore, the National Aquarium is home to 16,000 animals, including everything from the Zebra Shark to the Northern Hogsucker fish. In addition to the fish and sea creatures, this aquarium is also home to animals like the Golden Lion Tamarin, and an assortment of other crocodiles, lizards, and rainforest animals.

While you’re visiting some of the world’s most dangerous—and most friendly—fish and animals, make sure to check out the following interactive activities:

    • Visit the exhibits: A 225,000-gallon, ring-shaped exhibit that lets you get close to sharks, Shark Alley is a fan favorite.
    • Catch a 4D film: The scenes in these short films come to life as you experience special sensory effects, like mist, leg ticklers, bubbles, wind, seat vibrations, and more.
    • Spend the night: If you really want to bond with nature, have a dolphin or a shark sleepover ! You’ll get the chance to spend the night right under some of the most friendly—or menacing—creatures of the sea.

After a full, entertaining day at the National Aquarium, you’ll leave in awe of this world’s incredible creatures, and better educated on how we can help protect and conserve our planet.

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