May 19th begins the 2012 United State Naval Academy commissioning week. Hundreds, even thousands, of people will be flooding the city of Annapolis, MD to watch the Naval Academy graduates that have completed their “four years by the bay”. These students are now ready to take their well-deserved and hard-earned places in America’s Naval service. 

Many United States Naval Academy graduates have achieved greatness and earned a special place in our nation’s history during its struggle to grow and preserve its freedom. Outstanding individuals such as Dewey, Halsey, King, Spruance, Burke, and Carter, are some of the few that began their journey here. Every summer, the future begins here with new opportunities and challenges for 1,200 young men and women from all 50 states and beyond, representing the very best our great democracy has to offer. Among these outstanding young people, will emerge the future leaders of our Navy, Marine Corps and the country.

On Saturday May 19, 2012 the Ring Dance will kick off the commissioning celebration. Events throughout the week include the Trident Brass Concert, prizes and award ceremony and receptions including the Engineering and Weapons division, the Humanities and Social Sciences division and the Leadership Education and Development division. Each day will begin with the Morning Colors and most days include a daily mass.

Be prepared with formal clothes, most of the events require proper attire. The ceremonies are all formal and meant to honor the students to have worked hard everyday for the last four years. We also emphasize the importance of building character in all aspects of our program. The result of this comprehensive process is a collective group of young leaders potentially more morally, mentally and physically sensitive than any that could be produced in another environment. That is what distinguishes the Naval Academy and its graduates.

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