Moving to or from the Annapolis or Glen Burnie, MD areas? Wherever you’re headed, GBA Car Rentals has exactly what every mover needs – U-Haul rentals. And GBA Car Rentals isn’t just one of the top places to rent a car in Maryland, GBA is your go-to dealer of Baltimore U-Haul rentals.

UHAUL There’s a reason these particular moving trucks can be seen safely moving happy families and their belongings all over the country – U-Hauls are simply the best. These trucks, vans, and trailers have been specially designed to move your family, not freight.

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As the most trusted moving trucks on the market, when you rent a U-Haul in Baltimore with GBA, it comes with safety features to keep your family and possessions secure during the move. High-visibility cabs and mirrors ensure that drivers of any height will be able to see the road and surrounding area while driving.

Damage coverage on the vehicles takes care of most unfortunate damages that could be accrued on the trip, and 24-hour emergency road service make it possible for you to drive to your new home or project with peace of mind.

Renting an U-Haul in Baltimore, Glen Burnie, or Annapolis for your move protects your belongings from being crammed into a conventional car and suffering potential damage. These trucks, vans, and trailers are specifically designed to make sure your treasures make the trip intact.

GBA Car Rentals, your U-Haul Glen Burnie, MD headquarters is the DIY mover’s best choice. By renting a moving truck from GBA and using it to move on your own, you’ll save significantly more money than if you had hired a private moving company.

Constructed with the moving family in mind, these specialty moving trucks have low decks for loading and unloading from the house – not a loading dock like other trucks. GBA’s U-Haul rentals will also cut down on the amount of trips made between locations during a move, saving time and gas money.

Moving truck rentals from GBA are even able to tow the family car during the move to your new home. One trip can get everything you need where you want it to be.

As your Baltimore U-Haul dealer, GBA Car Rentals will provide you with a number of options when choosing the right moving truck to suit your needs. With models ranging from pickup trucks to 26-foot U-Haul trucks, GBA Car Rentals has different sized rentals for the smallest to the largest moves.

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