With our convenient location in Glen Burnie, MD, GBA Car Rentals is Maryland’s choice for all things “van rental.” The simplest way to eliminate the stress of a family vacation or business trip is to choose a Baltimore van rental for its incredible comfort and accessibility.

Not only does GBA Car Rentals have modern vehicles that can provide these conveniences, but we also have exemplary customer service. Pocketbooks and wallets love us, and you should too. Reserve your Baltimore van rental or car rental online, or contact us at (410) 761-5599 to obtain more information about our vehicles or services.

Minivan Rental in Baltimore

No longer just your typical soccer-mom vehicle, minivans are now modern and stylish ways to get everyone to their destination all at once. With seating capacity for up to seven people, a minivan rental is the perfect vehicle for family camping trips, church outings, and yes, even soccer games. If you’re in need of an insurance rental for a large family, you can’t beat this rental van and its mix of practicality and spaciousness. Have extra space when needed and travel in style at the same time.

Taking a business trip into D.C. or Baltimore and need to haul colleagues to a conference? GBA Car Rentals can help you get there with one of our spacious van rentals. Rent a van and simplify your travel arrangements without sacrificing your budget, as our rates are some of the lowest in Maryland. You’ll even ensure that everyone in the vehicle can enjoy the trip, not just the one who called “shotgun” first.

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Unrivaled Customer Service

GBA Car Rentals always has low, competitive rental rates which come with exceptional customer service. Not only do our customers receive regularly serviced and clean vehicles, but they also are provided with complementary pickup and delivery services to BWI Airport and the surrounding Baltimore, Annapolis, and Glen Burnie, MD areas, as well as flexible drop-off hours. We make it a priority to put a smile on your face when you leave our office.

To find out more about our incredible customer service, simply rent a van in Baltimore from us and let us do the hard work for you. Contact us at (410) 761-5599 or reserve your van rentals or car rentals online.